Registration is now open. After purchase, this workshop will remain available for 30 days. This seminar is intended to help you get started learning the game of Treibball. We break down the foundations you need and show you how to set yourself up for success. This is a beginner level seminar. The seminar can provide you several weeks worth of drills and practice. Your trainer will be available to answer any questions you may have while the course is open.

Hi, I’m Jack McCauley

The sport of Treibball is a realtively new sport, having been invented in Germany sometime around 2008. Shortly after the sport made its way to the United States, Jack began researching a developing training methods that could be used for a variety of breeds beyond the most recognized herding breeds. And we have seen tremendous success over the years. We have seen the effects this sport can have on some dogs looking to find that "job" that will help to expel their natural drives and instincts. The sport really does exhasut a dog, both mentally and physically.

Learn about the equipment needed

Get started by understanding equipment and the training techniques we use to get you started.

Learn the Drills

Putting the proper drills and obedience commands in place can help you accelerate your learning.

Problem solving.

We have seen the sport of Treibball allow a handler to become a better problem solver at all behavioral issues. You learn to communicate and guide your dog in a way that can lead to off leash manners.