Andrea Morrissette has been tossing plastic since 2005, starting in ultimate frisbee, before falling in love with disc dogging and disc golf. She continues to train with many top level performers around the world and is passionate about learning and sharing her unique style and knowledge.

Andrea has accomplished Freestyle and Toss and Fetch podium finishes every year since 2013 with multiple dogs and in multiple organizations including 3 Freestyle World Championships and the 2018 AWI Overall World Championship and the 2019 PPPIDC Championship. Andrea spent 5 years with Purina Farms as a trainer and Performer. She currently performs, competes and travels the world teaching disc dog seminars and workshops.


Andrea Morrissette breaks down the behaviors and fundamentals needed to set up a handler and dog for success in the sport of Disc Dog. These learning principles can be applied to a puppy, a more mature dog that is first being introduced to the sport, or even an intermediate team wishing to clean up their game and performance abilities. Andrea's foundations will help any handler and dog become a more solid team. Inside this course, you will learn;

Bite Work

Body Pressure

Recall Games

The Hold and Release

The Collar Grab



Duration Behavior

Duration Markers

When to Deliver the Cookie


Introducing the Dog Catch Level I and Level II

Free Shaping the Dog Catch

Sliders, Rollers and Tosses

Catching the Disc

Backhand Throws

The Sidearm Throw

The Overhand Wrist Flip

Grip Variations

The Around and The Switch

The Scoot Trick

Yachi's Communication Method

The Low/High and the Swing


Andrea is a gifted teacher, mentor and coach. Her unique style is changing the game for many competitors across the world. Andrea really teaches you the best way to develop your game by sharing all of the secrets to her own success.

Andrea Morrissette