✔ A proven training SYSTEM that works for any level

✔ How to communicate with your dog so they don't miss your cues

✔ Fundamentals for the establishing safe and reliable vaults and dog catches

✔How to move to your dog and use the field to your advantage

You will learn techniques that seminar attendees pay as much as $400 for. And you will be able to watch the course over and over for an entire year.

Get FREE Unlimited Access to Andrea's Private Training Group

You will be given access to Andrea's private Facebook group where she shares private training videos and techniques. Andrea also answers questions and stays connected with members of the group. A regular $20 value.

Freestyle Foundations For Success

If you have ever seen Andrea compete, then you know she is flashy, entertaining and a solid performer. In this special replay of a 2020 seminar, Andrea shares her secret sauce to the perfect toss and much more. Andrea's approach to freestyle is, without a doubt, transforming the game. Andrea was born to coach!

Freestyle Foundations

How can your dog understand the difference of a command to vault versus and over while in the middle of a routine? Andrea Rigler shows you exactly how she communicates with her dogs when she performs.

"Andrea has a "No B. S." kind of style. She tells you exactly what you need to hear. Her passion for the sport shines through in every second she teaches. Dre' never lets off the gas, giving each student every ounce of her knowledge, while focusing on the best way to deliver her message."

In this seminar, Andrea teaches you how to vault from start to finish. She teaches how to correct bad vaulting form with both the handler and the dog. Andrea shows you how to get an over with your dog. She shows the easiest way to teach a dog catch. Andrea delivers a great seminar that any player can learn from.


Easy to understand formula for vaulting from the most basic level to the highest. Watch Andrea as she shows Novice and Intermediate teams how to learn and/or improve their vaults.


A dog catch in the middle of a routine can really set a player apart. Andrea's simple, yet effective technique, will help you on your path to learning the dog catch.


Andre has one of the best overs in the sport. Watch any of her routines and you will see a front moving somersault with her dog confidently flying over her while grabbing the disc. Andrea shows teams the recipe for her success.

You have access for one year from the date of purchase.


Andrea Rigler's- Disc Dog Freestyle Seminar

Transform Your Theory

In August of 2020, Andrea Rigler traveled to Brandywine, Maryland, where she taught a two-day seminar to Novice and Intermediate level disc dog teams, primarily focusing on Freestyle. Andrea, affectionally nicknamed, "Dr Dre, the Disc Dog Professor," by attendees of the seminar, blew away those who attended. Within 2 months following the seminar, many players games reached a whole new height, completing moves and tricks they thought they were incapable of. And, all the members improved their placements at the very next competition, one team placed 3rd overall in Freestyle in a field of 85 competitors. Dr. Dre changed their game forever. This seminar is a must see!