Taking That Next Step

Preparing your dog to perform tricks in front of an audience or even on set can be daunting. But, if you have developed strong foundations to your tricks then taking that next step will be much more smooth. There are many ways to teach dog tricks, but I have dedicated my life to learning and developing ways to teach my dogs some challenging behaviors. The skills I have developed over the eyars of training, performing and working on set have not come without hard work. In this course, you will see how I break down the steps to teaching tricks to my dogs so you can have the quickest path to success.

Growing Your Platform

The tricks taught within this course vary in difficulty. Some tricks in this course are easier than others. But it is more often that not, those less difficult tricks that set the foundation for the more challenging behaviors. In this course, I help guide you along the path to developing strong behaviors in a coordinated schedule that helps you build to higher level of difficulties.
Education Background

Chrissy Joy attended college in Kentucky where she received a degree in equine studies. As a horse trainer, Chrissy developed her skills to begin working with animals. Since she was a young child, Chrissy was determined to train animals for show business.

Dog Training

Chrissy Joy began her formal, professional dog training career with BFF Pet Services. She taught group classes and private lessons for obedience as well as agility. Chrissy began competing in dog sports during this time.


Chrissy Joy has worked as a professional actor and model before beginning her career in dog training. When the opportunity developed to start working with her dogs to perform as well as to work on set for television and film, Chrissy jumped at the chance. The Joy Crew has appeared on countless live television broadcasts, movie, film and commercials.

Learn 21 different tricks. Chrissy Joy helps guide you the the professional level. Get started today and train at your own pace.