Enrollment for this course is now open! You may register for the interactive course using two options below:

Elite Level - This course is limited to 25 students. At this level, students gain access to live coaching and 1:1 support from Chrissy Joy. The syllabus will cover tricks each week. Elite level students may also submit one video each week for feedback and discussion. Elite level student may also join in discussion. Expect this tier to bring out the best in your training and push you to advance your skills each week.

Premier Level - This course is limited to 20 students. Premier Level is open to all students wishing to access the course and the private Facebook group. Premiere Level students will not be able to submit videos for feedback or join group discussion. However, Premier Level Students will have access to view video submissions and read the discussions within the private group. This is a useful tier if you would like to sit back and learn without the pressure of submitting videos each week!

Where Training Meets Results

Hi, I'm Chrissy

I am thrilled that you want to pursue a strong bond with your dog through your trick training goals. Let's build those skills to achieve your ultimate goals with your dog.

Preparing your dog to perform tricks in front of an audience or even on set can be daunting. But, if you have developed strong foundations to your tricks then taking that next step will smooth and successful.

There are many ways to teach tricks, but I have dedicated my life to learning and developing ways to teach my dogs challenging behaviors that will prove successful in new environments with added challenges.

The skills I have developed over the years of training, performing and working on set have not come without hard work. In this course, you will see how I break down the steps to teaching tricks to my dogs so you can have the quickest path to success.

Most of all, I want this to be enriching and fun for you and your dog - to develop a deeper bond and trust than before so that you can find limitless success in all adventures you do together.

Laying the Brickwork

Foundation Comes First

The tricks taught within this course vary in difficulty. Some tricks in this course are easier than others. But it is more often that not, those less difficult tricks that set the foundation for the more challenging behaviors. In this course, I help guide you along the path to developing a strong foundation in a productive and organized schedule so that we can achieve your trick training goals.


You have all the support you need to succeed. Here's how it works:

When you enroll in this course, you will receive "The Trainer's Toolbox" to prep you for your interactive course. This is a set of videos covering important foundations to ensure you have a solid start for this course.

You will begin the course on the first week of the start date. You will receive instruction on how to join Chrissy's private Facebook group that is dedicated to this course. Each week, for four weeks, you will receive a new lesson (or lessons if multiple tricks). For two additional weeks after that (Week 5 & 6), Chrissy will continue to provide interactive instruction and feedback to help you problem solve and achieve success. The last two bonus weeks (weeks 7 & 8), will allow you to revisit the group, watch past videos, and review your feedback before the group closes.

***** Please read the descriptions below for the difference between the Elite and Premier Levels.**

Education Background

Chrissy Joy attended college in Pennsylvania where she received a degree in Equine Studies. As a horse trainer, Chrissy developed her skills to begin working with animals. Since she was a young child, Chrissy was determined to train animals for show business. She fell in love with trick training her beagle as a child and her love for animals only grew. Today she owns 5 dogs, The Joy Crew, and teaches complex tricks and skills for live shows, TV/film, and demos.

Dog Training

Chrissy Joy began her formal, professional dog training career with BFF Pet Services. She taught group classes and private lessons for obedience, tricks, canine fitness, as well as agility. Chrissy began competing in dog sports during this time and enjoys agility, disc, and canine freestyle.


Chrissy Joy has worked as a professional actor and model before beginning her career in dog training. Soon she was able to bring the world of dog training and set work together - fulfilling complex canine roles in major motion pictures. The Joy Crew has appeared on countless live television broadcasts, movie, film and commercials.

This course is closed for enrollment.